About Us...

Timberwise is a company that grew from recognising the need for a prompt, reliable and competitively priced supplier of timber product that the merchant’s key suppliers were unable to supply in the time frame required. To do this successfully required an in-depth knowledge and rapport with the New Zealand Timber Industry. Peter & Grant Cashmore, 5th generation Forestors, Sawmillers and Timber merchants offer that expertise. Both Peter and Grant have had over 30 years experience running the family timber interests that included all facets from forestry, through sawmilling, processing, treating, machining, kilning, merchandising to commercial, trade and retail, exporting, pre-cutting frames and trusses, exporting timber, exporting kitset houses, and running a domestic construction company. This gives a unique situation of being able to understand the needs from both the merchants and the sawmillers perspectives. It is this understanding that often is the catalyst allowing the system to produce the required results with mutual satisfaction.

At what cost?

Timberwise have negotiated rates with all their suppliers. In effect the suppliers discount up to 5% and hence fund the service we provide you. It is very cost effective for them as their costs are based directly on our performance, and cost effective to the Timberwise client with Timberwise doing all the leg work, coming back to the client with a 'raft' of options of price and delivery dates for the client to choose the 'best fit'.

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