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Timberwise works for both: you the overseas client, sourcing and exporting your requirements directly to you; or you, an exporter, supplying product in a final form as required to a wharf or to a processing facility as feed stock for your own downstream processing and value adding.

Timberwise will meet the export packaging requirements, certificates as required including Kiln Certificates, Treatment Certificates, Export Inspection Forms etc...

Timberwise, with it’s extensive pool of sawmills to source product from, is a one stop shop. As, and if required, we will co-ordinate several mills to best meet your various product needs giving you the advantage of grade, pricing and volume.

Knowledge to help you....

Gaining an understanding of the different strengths and weaknesses of sawmills and manufacturers in New Zealand can be a time consuming, stressful and sometimes costly exercise, especially if the result is not to your expectations. Timberwise effectively removes this complexity and risk, and with one call we are able to provide you a solution that will meet your needs and expectations.  

Timberwise has many years of experience in the export market,  shipping quality New Zealand Radiata Pine to many overseas destinations. We are familiar with the standards, requirements and specifications for product exported to a number of overseas destinations, providing you with the 'product fit' that will work for you.

Invaluable knowledge, part of our service to you.

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