Domestic Clients...

Timberwise works for you, the Wholesale Timber Purchaser. Timberwise specialises domestically in the 'convenience market', supplying product to you the timber merchant or re-manufacturer whose key supplier can not supply in either the time required or is unable to  provide the volume required. Primarily we sell in packet lots as a minimum unit, but in some cases we can supply part packets if required although a modest surcharge applies.

The Benefits for You..

  • Your customer’s requirements are met on time, by you.  No antagonism, no lose from clients going off and experiencing price and service from your competitors. We believe maintaining customers is easier than winning them back.
  • Your facility does not have costly down time because expected resource has not turned up as promised. When an 'outage' looms call Timberwise and get product there immediately.
  • Time savings.  Your key supplier can not meet your requirements, then one call to Timberwise and we will offer a multitude of 'time and price' options. You choose which best suits you and we follow it through. The alternative?  Normally numerous calls back and forth to locate product that often proves unreliable.
  • Price savings are often enjoyed. We are not competing for your forward stock orders that you get at negotiated rates from your key suppliers. Our strength is supplying the orders your key suppliers can not accept or have you let you down on.
  • Timberwise will supply at very favourable rates and in the time parameter. We work hard at staying in touch with the markets and remaining competitive for you.
  • Timberwise is a key supplier for a number of merchants and remanufacturers, and at negotiated and very competitive rates. As a result these companies simply tell us what they want and when, leaving us responsible to deliver it all on time and cost effectively. We are happy to price any forward stock requirements.

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