Welcome to Timberwise...

Where do you go if you need timber now, or you are unable to get the product that you want?... Welcome to Timberwise a specialist timber sourcing and supply company. With many years of experience in the industry, and a network of suppliers that includes sawmillers, manufacturers, remanufacturers, treatment providers, and a host of other industry related companies, Timberwise has positioned itself to provide a one stop solution for all your timber requirements. With one call you have access to a multitude of options that can provide for your needs promptly,  reliably and competitively. Our customers include Merchants and an array of clients both domestically and internationally.

Why Timberwise?

We specialise in the supply of timber to selected Wholesale Purchasers from a very extensive pool of producers. These include the largest public companies through to the smallest private mills throughout New Zealand. We know their products, prices and their quality and use this to your advantage. To back up our commitment to service the 'convenience market' we also carry an extensive stock of product in and around Auckland. If we cannot 'out source' in time we have this stock on hand to meet those urgent requirements.

What do we offer?

With this ability to source, together with our knowledge of the industry, we can offer you a comprehensive list of New Zealand timber, outside your normal supply, often at better than competitive rates.

Timberwise can not only service your 'on demand' needs, but can also supply forward order requirements as well. In fact many customers use us for all their timber needs. We are in the business of making timber easy. We only source and supply products from quality New Zealand manufacturers, brands and products that you can trust. Because we are positioned in between supply chains, we can offer you an independent, impartial and practical solution for your needs.

Please feel free to Contact us if you have any enquires.

We look forward to being of service to you.